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Media Literacy Clearinghouse

new type of literacy – media literacy


The Media Literacy Clearinghouse is a nationally recognized media literacy resource website. Thousands of schools and organizations link to the Media Literacy Clearinghouse and many of his resources have been recommended by: Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences; Access Learning; ASCD; Assn of Media Literacy; Australian Teachers of Media; Blueprint for Democracy; Cable In The Classroom; Education Week; Edutopia; INFOHIO; NCSS; NCTE; PBS; School Library Journal, and School Library Monthly.

MLC’s mission is to assist K-12 educators who want to:

Ø  Teach standards that include non-print, media texts

Ø  Learn more about media literacy

Ø  Integrate it into classroom instruction

Ø  Help students read the media

Ø  Help students become more media aware

Ø  Locate appropriate resources